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    Let the professionals at Aragon Asphalt & Paving take care of your concrete and asphalt work. Our San Fernando Valley, California company can handle any number of projects for you, including asphalt repair and concrete patios.
    Count on us for quality asphalt and concrete services to improve your property. We'll remove and replace any asphalt — we'll even remove all the debris for you.
    Our re-striping service is available around the clock. We'll even work at night to prevent interruption of daily customer flow to your business.
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Our Services

Asphalt demolition
Asphalt Demolition

If you are ready for a new driveway or road, Aragon Asphalt Paving can demolish your old asphalt surface and remove the debris so you can start fresh...and smooth!

Asphlat repair
Asphalt Repair

When it comes to filling in those tricky and dangerous potholes, we offer hot asphalt patch services to ensure your road or driveway is safe.

Seal coating
Seal Coating

Whether you are in need of coating for a commercial space, neighborhood street, or parking lot, we are your asphalt repair and sealcoating experts.

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